Destiny 2: Renegades already gives us an appointment for the launch trailer

We must believe that Bungie is as impatient as hardcore fans are always playing hard Destiny 2because when we approach 2.0.0, communication is complete challenging enters its final phase. This week again, our Hunter favorite was the core of a cinematic version of the extension that signed his death sentence and the mode gambit we were shown again. The next trailer is just dated and marks the arrival of theYear 2 with a small lead.

Yes, as you can see, we have an appointment tomorrow, Monday 27 August 2018, at 7 pm French time to attend trailer Destiny 2: Renegades. As a message with this look of the Reef Prince Uldren Sovwho has joined? barons kill Cayde, a warning against him, because we will not give him a break until we have avenged our friend Exo. For non-English speakers, here is a translation: "If he thinks what he did is the end, that is not the case, this is the beginning." You will notice in passing that he seems to regret his act, it was necessary to think before …

As a reminder, it is September 4 that this new adventure starts on consoles and PCs.

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