Facebook suspends the MyPersonality application for sharing data from 4 million users

In total, 400 applications have been suspended since March, according to the social network.

Fearful to show that he is acting after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook said Thursday, August 23, a new application on its platform. It is about MyPersonality, "an application that was mainly active before 2012"explains the social network on his blog. The four million users who had authorized MyPersonality to access their data are notified via Facebook.

Since the resounding scandal of Cambridge Analytica, a British company accused of collecting and exploiting the personal data of approximately 87 million Facebook users for political purposes without their consent, the social network has research into the collection of personal data of its users. She said Thursday she already had it "has researched thousands of applications" and have been suspended "more than 400" since March.

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