Google secretly acquires the history of your bank transactions with Mastercard

According to a worrying report from Bloomberg, Google and Mastercard signed an agreement in Google's biggest secret to keep the details of a Mastercard's transactions under review. Another way for the American giant to make friends with advertisers.

Online advertising has become the most important financial engine of the internet. To satisfy advertisers, some companies are ready for everything and without concessions. In this way, Google has developed a tool for statistical analysis to determine the effectiveness of these advertisements.

According to the Bloomberg report, this tool is called "Store sales metering" which, connected to a Google account, makes a purchase within 30 days – online or in the store – following a click on an online advertisement. In this way, the effectiveness of online advertising can be proven.

In order to establish this link, Google needs to know the transactions of its users. That is because the American giant has bought bank details for several million dollars at Mastercard, without even warning the public. For example, 70% of transactions are registered via American credit cards.

Give some privacy for better publicity

In the light of the upcoming fire, Google and Mastercard say that banking information is protected to be inaccessible to their respective employees. "We have developed a new encryption technology that prevents our partners from viewing your personal data" Google says in a statement to The Verge. For his part, Mastercard says that during a transaction, "we see the seller's name and the total amount of your purchase, but not what you bought".

Again, the proof is that between his private life or more targeted advertising, one has to choose. If you have made the choice to protect your privacy, it is still possible to prevent this tracking by going to your Google Account. Then go My activity, then in the Orders related to the activity. Finally switch off the option Web and app activity.

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