Huawei accused of false advertising for a "false selfie"

This is called a very bad publicity stunt from Huawei. In an advertisement for his newborn, the Nova 3, the Chinese manufacturer emphasizes the power of his phone, the selfie. It did not count on the actress advertising to reveal a picture of the shoot.

Members of the Reddit forum have eyes everywhere, including the Twitter account of Sarah Elshamy, who revealed the background to his Instagram account by posting a picture of the Nova 3 advertising.

In this commercial, a couple take selfies on arm & # 39; s length. The message is clear, the self-portrait is the highlight of Nova 3 and the photo processing makes make-up superfluous. Except that Hawawei at no time states that your phone must be accompanied by a professional photographer, a reflex, a foot and a photo studio to succeed your small photo.

In defense, Huawei rejected that it was not stated that the photos were taken on a Nova 3, although the advertisement was implicitly implicit …

Not at his first attempt

Rising on the ladder of the mobile market, the Chinese manufacturer has just missed a march. Yes, another one, because Huawei has no trouble using such schemes. In an advertisement for the P8 and P8 Max, the Chinese company proudly displayed an edge-to-edge screen with a photo that connects both sides of the phone. Out, we see very quickly from their box that they only offer a screen with two black sidebands.

Another big mistake, the gigantic mobile phone published a so-called picture of a P9 on his account Google +. Off, it was sufficient to show the EXIF ​​of the photo – which contains all the metadata – to see that it was a snapshot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, one of the best reflexes on the market, and a goal that is no less demotivating.

In view of the increasing performance of its devices, Huawei would do well to show the real potential of its smartphones, rather than to keep consumers in check for mirages.

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