iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook: which ads are to be expected from Apple's keynote in September?

QUESTION FOR THE PROGRAM – Back to school is coming and with that the start of high-tech announcements. Of these, the most often expected of the new iPhone. In early September, all eyes are focused on Cupertino and Apple Park to discover the new smartphones, as well as a range of other products. And the latest rumors announce a potentially busy program …

With the approach of September, the new iPhone on the Apple side is in sight. And to announce their release, the traditional return keynote should be held in the first half of the month. No date has yet been announced, but that of Wednesday, September 12, seems to have already been ticked for some. This said in the past, Apple has often scheduled its event on the first Tuesday of the month – which would slow it down to September 4 -. The date seems a bit early this time. Last year the invitations were sent on Tuesday 12 September. And in 2016, the iPhone 7 appeared on Wednesday, September 7th. So why not consider a Thursday September 6, not too early, not too late and on the eve of Friday, the traditional opening day of the pre-orders? Thursday was often chosen by Apple, but rather by spread keynotes in March or October. Respond within 7 to 10 days …

In any case, the re-entry program promises to believe the latest rumors. If we know that the next iPhone will not miss the appointment, we call out the tangle of Apple Watch, iPad, AirPods or even Macbook. Overview of what appears to be … or not.

These are the usual stars of the season and therefore no chance of missing the call. We already know that they will be three (probably) three with a common point: the new chassis introduced by the iPhone X last year. Apple is entering a new era of design with this model that has marked the decade of the home of the smartphone and will become the norm. The only uncertainty remains the appellations. Rumor has it that the iPhone 8, which had set the design since the iPhone 6, could have a successor with more limited possibilities than other newcomers 2018 (larger LCD and almost without edge, a single photo sensor, less power, but face recognition FaceID) and could therefore be called iPhone 9, requires a new look. Yet the 9 last year seemed to give up between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X (ten). The latter, however, would not be a limited edition and would return with its 5.8-inch OLED screen, even accompanied by a big brother with the same features but with an even bigger screen (6.5 inches). Story to satisfy the followers of iPhone 7 or 8 Plus who found it too narrow. And we call an iPhone XS (S-like superior) for a model that is slightly above but without significant improvements.

We think that Apple would be so inspired to restart a new gender (or two) with a simple name: iPhone Pro on one side, iPhone (just) on the other. The company has been using its iPad / iPad Pro or its MacBook / MacBook Pro in recent years to simplify the understanding of usage and price. And that would prevent the possible confusion next year of an iPhone X2 and a possible iPhone … 11?

Regarding the latest rumors, the most insistent concerns the prices that were announced down for the successor to the iPhone X. They are three products with similar models and features. It is possible that the lower price is actually that of the "iPhone 9" model "low-cost" high-end home. We also mention the arrival (finally) of a dual SIM model on the iPhone. It would be a great revolution for Apple, which until then had always refused. But it could also be a possibility reserved only for Asian and Indian markets, very fond of this concept. Probably the most likely is leaving the Lightning / USB cable for the Lightning / USB Type C cable.

Opportunity for attendance rate: 100%

The connected watch from Apple is normally the sparring partner of the iPhone. The watchOS 5 operating system unveiled last June at the WWDC developer conference revealed some functional improvements (new activities, health monitoring, etc.), but nothing revolutionary like the arrival of the 4G / LTE to leave the Apple Watch Series 3 without iPhone to work. We therefore have to expect new products, rather from the outside than from the inside. We are talking about a 15% larger screen, without changing the dimensions of the proposed boxes (38 and 42 mm). For a long time we know that Apple works with watch bands that carry multiple sensors to measure your health parameters. This could be one of the possible novelties of the 2018 edition. All models could also benefit from increased internal storage due to the cellular operation (without iPhone) of the Apple Watch. Remains that this possibility of use in France is limited because only the operator Orange can offer packages for e-SIM cards that are integrated directly into the watch. Although few rumors have leaked around the Apple Watch, we do not see how Apple could deprive itself of a new declination.

Probability rate: 95%

The AirPower induction charger

Introduced in September 2017, the charging stand is still waiting. This "cushion" must be able to accommodate the iPhone with contactless technology, the Apple Watch and the housing of the following wireless AirPods headphones at the same time. This charging station was expected halfway through the year, but the design proved to be more complex than expected. Especially because of the risk of overheating caused by the simultaneous charging of the three devices. The engineers seem to have found the solution. If the AirPower does not end at the same time as the iPhone and Apple Watch, we will not see when it will be …

Probability rate: 95%

New AirPods earphones

In 2014 they were mocked during their presentation during the keynote of September, but the wireless headphones from Apple have nevertheless been successful. For two years Tim Cook and his work for the next generation, which necessarily passes a wireless charging system of the AirPods. Little curious people have also rinsed the new model in the beta version of iOS 12, the next operating system iPhone and iPad.

Probability rate: 75%

A new iPad looming on the horizon and rumors are also going well. We know it should look like a gigantic iPhone X, with almost invisible edges and the famous notch on the top for face recognition. In March, Apple unveiled its new iPad iPad 2018 that was more focused on schools, shorter budgets and students. The iPad Pro without edge, which seems logical in the light of the demonstrations of the next iOS 12 that we could see on the tablet, seems to be in approach.

But since the announcement of the iPad Pro 12 & # 39; 9 "there has been no touchpad at the keynote of September, the iPad has often dedicated its event in October, possibly with MacBook One gambling on a return of the event from All Saints in 2018.

Probability rate: 50%

Leave the MacBook Air? For years he has been waiting for a renewal that does not come. Time seems to have arrived for Apple's entry-level (but ultra-light) laptop. The Californian group is working on a new model for less than 1,000 euros, and it seems difficult to let this sales segment escape while the competition is rampant with more powerful products than the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro or even the MacBook are still too expensive for many (from 1,500 euros). according to Bloomberg, a compromise would be found and it would be a redesign of the MacBook (the model with a single USB-C port that manages everything from the load to external links): a 13-inch chassis identical, but with more screen edges fine (so a more compact model), finally a Retina display for better display quality and more comfort. The release would be planned for the end of September-October. Not sure if he finds a real reason to drown his novelty in September's keynote …

Probability rate: 25%

(On the left, the MacBook – On the right, the MacBook Air)

It has almost become the Arlesienne Apple. The Mac mini, an ultra-compact desktop computer, has been missing for almost four years by its worshipers. Nevertheless, Apple has ensured that a new model has been worked on. It could gain strength without compromise on its limited size and its price around 500 – 600 euros. And Bloomberg even talks about arriving at the end of October. Just after a possible keynote. What would you want him to come in September?

Probability rate: 1%

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