Linus Torvalds apologizes for his tirades and wants to take a break

Anesthetize in the Linux community. On the occasion of the release of version 4.19-rc4 of the Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds announced that he would take a step back to make an inventory of how he manages this open source project and especially his way of working. to be.
"I am not an emotionally empathic person and it probably will not surprise anyone, starting with me, the fact that I misunderstood people and that I do not realize how badly I have assessed a situation and contributed to a non-professional environment – and This has been going on for years – is not good This week people in our community have been confronted with my inability to understand emotions My rude attacks in e-mails were both unprofessional and unattractive, especially if it was personal. best patch, it was normal for me, I now know that it was not right and I'm really sorry about it »he explains.

This introspection comes after a clash about a meeting dedicated to administrators of the Linux kernel. Originally planned in Vancouver, Canada, she was eventually moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where the inventor of Linux had planned her vacation. Some had to use this situation to find out his four truths. It is true that Linus Torvalds is not gentle towards others and his anger is mythical.
For more information go to Reddit and walk a bit in the thread "linusrants" (which means "photo's of Linus"). When he responds to his colleagues, the inventor of Linux does not die. His accusation in 2012 against Mauro Carvalho, a manager of the Linux kernel, was a highlight in this respect: "Shut your mouth", "I never want to hear that kind of nonsense again", "Correct your fucking tools"Etc.

Some, however, like his style

Linus Torvalds does not like the security experts they see "Fucking Mormons" because they place their theme above everything, at the expense of functional development. "As a security professional you have to repeat the following mantra: security problems are only bugs", he wrote in 2017.
Sometimes he also compares security experts with prostitutes. "If you work in safety and have a little morale, I think you should add this to your business card: No, really, I'm not a whore", he wrote last March, after an announcement (a little too) thunderous about defects in AMD chips.

But not everyone is necessary against this type of behavior. Among the people who commented on the message of Linus Torvalds, they have some understanding or even encouragement. They believe that Linus Torvalds is often at the bottom and appreciates his rectilinear collar and anti-marketing side. "You are so successful because you are one of the few people who do not waste time chatting in the bush, you call a cat to tell a cat instead of a professional polished bullshit"explains Adam Borowski, a manager of the Linux kernel. Anyway, a little kindness in a world of bullies does not hurt either.

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