NASA sends your selfies into space

If you've always dreamed of taking a selfie in space, like Thomas Pesquet, but you do not really have the opportunity to get into orbit around the earth, know that NASA has a solution for you. It offers you – more or less – your dream through an application.

The American space agency (NASA) has launched a free application for space enthusiasts. An application developed in collaboration with Caltech, the California Institute of Technology, that deals with the construction and supervision of unmanned flights for NASA. It was simply called NASA Selfies and was launched on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the launch of Spitzer Space Telescope.

This is what the application looks like: NASA Selfies

In fact, the application allows you to upload a photo or take a selfie and make your recording in space. Just download the free application and select a photo. NASA Selfies then transposes your photo into a space suit and you can then choose the remote area that will fill the bottom of your photo. A landscape that is not unimportant because the available images, 31, come directly from the NASA database. These are real images of the space captured by the Spitzer telescope.

So you will see how you would look in a real space suit – American – through the Orion Nebula, near the Sombrero Milky Way, deep in the Milky Way, near the Pleiades. If the application is very limited, it still has the merit to emphasize Spitzer's spatial discoveries and clichés. Each image is accompanied by an explanatory legend about the alien site.

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