New needle supplier detected, iPhone with Apple Pencil in approach?

Apple recently introduced a stylus to accompany its iPad Pro. Some analysts wonder when the first iPhone will come with this accessory …

One of the main features of the iPad Pro is the compatibility with the Apple Pencil, the Cupertino version of the pen and the. It was pretty good. receive. Logically, the question arises whether or not the function can be presented on the iPhone . Some rumors went in this direction and today new information reinforces this possibility.

The Apple pencil for the iPhone 6.5 inches?

It seems that these rumors were right. According to a report from The Daily Economic News from China, Apple recently signed a new partnership with a new stylus supplier in Taiwan. The report says that the company in question, Elan, will supply touch-sensitive chips and styli for the next two models of iPhone X.

If these rumors are true, only the iPhone 6, 5 inches this year would be the Apple Pencil support. A completely understandable decision, a larger screen makes a stylus more useful. The accessory has been revealed, must be admitted, very inefficient on a small plate. That said, none of this can be confirmed today. So take it as it should: as just another rumor.

Just a few weeks before I discover everything

However, this year's iPhone must be officially announced in the second week of September. The wait does not take long before you discover these new devices in all their aspects. Patience!

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