Piracy of Instagram accounts is flourishing

This is not the first time that Instagram is facing massive piracy of its members. In September last year, millions of people got their phone numbers and e-mail addresses stolen. And it seems that it is again the case.

According to cybersecurity specialist Kaspersky Labs, users of social networks are once again the target of hackers who take their profile into their hands. In a statement released on Thursday, the Russian company said it was detecting a sharp acceleration from July 31 phishing or phishing through its protection tools that equipped station bus users. Their number has gone from 150 to almost 600 per day.

Usually users are deceived by an email that seems to be coming from Instagram and asks them to renew their password. Users therefore provide the information needed to access their account on a page that copies that of the social network. Hijackers hijack the profile by changing the password, phone number and e-mail address and stealing the account content.

Instagram warned

"Because of its popularity and some users today today more than a billion, Instagram has always attracted many fraudsters.As soon as a criminal has hacked access to an account, he has access to personal data and correspondence from the user, "added Kaspersky Labs.

On his blog, the social network announced on Tuesday that he was aware that "some people had difficulty accessing their account". He assured himself to "investigate this problem."

Instagram also reminded its users that "if you receive an e-mail from us, notify you of a change in your e-mail address and you do not start, click on the link & # 39; reverse & # 39; and then change your password. "

The company also remembers the need to choose a complex password that combines numbers, letters and punctuation, and to use double authentication to prevent third party verification

"Our current dual identification system allows users to send their account via text message secure, but we are working on the development of another dual ID function, "added the social network.

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