Project Gold: Porsche builds a new 993 Turbo in 2018 (with video)

The last 911 air-cooled, the 993 is one of the most popular Porsche. For 70 years, the brand has chosen to rebuild a copy, combining original parts with more modern elements.

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Production stopped only twenty years ago. The 993 Turbo is already the prey of collectors. She is indeed the last of her descent to have an air-cooled engine, while the cockpit and lines are still true to the original model. His descendants, the 996, can not say so much. For his "Project Gold", which is part of the 70-year jubilee celebration of the brand, such as the recent 911 Speedster concept, Porsche has set its sights on this very popular generation. Starting from an original white box and a choice of the 6,500 pieces offered in the Porsche Classic catalog, a year and a half of work was needed to get a unique copy. A very special 993 Turbo, which in 1998 gets a chassis number that is just after the last one from the chains.

Soon to sell, but not on the go

If the silhouette remains recognizable under a thousand, some details still have this "Project Gold". Starting with its yellow color, which evokes the recent limited series 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series and explains the name of the project. Despite the craftsmanship of the car, this color is applied according to modern methods, just like the anti-corrosion treatment. This Porsche also offers black rims and smoked direction indicators, while the ventilation openings on the side come from the Turbo S version of the 993. A rarer variant (345 copies) which are also flat-six 3.6 of 350 ch. Just like the manual and all-wheel drive, this engine is completely new and comes from the Porsche Classic catalog. As for the cockpit, he also marries yellow and black. Although unique, this 993 Project Gold can now be yours, because it will be auctioned in October by RM Sotheby's on behalf of a charity. But beware: like the future Aston Martin DB5 continuation, it will not be homologated on the road.

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