Rolls-Royce Privacy Suite – An option for people who need privacy

At the Chengdu Motor Show in China, the luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce has presented an option that will greatly interest the high personalities of this world. Indeed, Rolls-Royce offers on board his Phantom to add the "Privacy Suite" option. As the name suggests, the rear passenger can be partitioned at the touch of a button, so that people outside can not see or hear what is going on behind the Phantom.

Indeed, as can be seen in this promotional video, the window between the front and rear compartments becomes opaque, so that the driver of the luxurious Phantom can no longer see what is happening in his car. Moreover, thanks to a specific device, the driver of the Phantom can not hear the conversations of the rear passengers. In other words, this driver only needs to do one thing; drive and leave the people behind in their cocoon.

However, the personalities can communicate with their driver via an intercom, they only need to record and speak directly. On the other hand, if the driver wants to talk to the passengers, he has to make a call that the passengers can accept or refuse! This new option offered by Rolls-Royce is very popular with its customers, who are mostly personalities or heads of multinationals. They have the time of a trip to enjoy all the comfort of a Rolls-Royce Phantom … without being disturbed.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Privacy Suite
Rolls-Royce Phantom Privacy Suite

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