Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal – XSEED explains the reason for censorship on PS4, and the changes that will be there

Last week PS4 players learned a bad news: Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal is censored on the console of Sonyand the title is denied (also on PC, while this version is not changed). The reason? The builder does not approve at allIntimacy mode which allows to "have fun" in the changing room with young women. If you know the series Senran Kagura, nothing surprising, this mode was already in the previous game and forms the core of it Senran Kagura reflections on Nintendo Switch.

So why Sony he has decided to censor these phases gameplay on PS4? Well, Tom Lipschultz, manufacturer of localization at XSEED Games, indicated that this isa "new policy" from the Japanese manufacturerthat does not seem to want to have too daring sequences in games for PS4. The distributor then had the choice to cancel Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal on PS4 in the West or change the contentSo he chose the second solution to still offer something to the players.

From his side, Ryan Graveresponsible for localization, made it clear that the PlayStation 4 version is not amputated trophy compared to the PC version, players will unlock the reward "Oops, wrong room", but in a different way. The two men finally asked the fan community to deal smoothly with customer service (Xseed in North America, wonderful in Europe) and above all they understand perfectly the choice of many players to choose now for the PC version, which will be uncensored.

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