Snapchat now offers the possibility to send music GIFs

Other platforms are likely to follow.

The GIF music platform TuneMoji has just announced its integration in Snapchat. This means that users who have installed the TuneMoji app can upload videos to their story or Snapchat e-mail.

With a TuneMoji GIF you can add an audio layer to the GIF, which is played in a loop like the rest of the GIF. Just like any other GIF platform, TuneMoji allows you to search by words, phrases or emoji's. Once the search is complete, simply click on "Share" and a Snapchat option will appear.

It is thanks to the development kit "Snap Kit" that the company made available to developers that TuneMoji could work on its integration on Snapchat. The Snap Kit has been available since June and offers the possibility to add Snapchat functions to their application. However, these functions have their limits: it is not possible to send music GIF directly from Snapchat, it will always go through TuneMoji first to introduce the GIF.

The manufacturer of TuneMoji, James Manufacturer, said his team was still working to improve integration into Snapchat, as well as many other e-mail services.

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