Test – We Happy Little: in the footsteps of BioShock

We Happy Found, funded by a crowdfunding campaign, this year was one of the most anticipated titles on PCs and consoles. Ambitiously, however, the Compulsion Games project is a path full of difficulties and the victim of various postponements.

A true Arlesian, We Happy Few has been the subject of much discussion during his development. Ambitiously, the project of the small studio Compulsion Games – author of the sympathetic Contrast – finally succeeded thanks to the support of his many fans who partly funded the development of the game on Kickstarter and the participation of Gearbox Software, who introduced himself for the distribution of the game.

Started in 2015, the project is very ambitious from the start. The developers promise the players a dystopian universe that resembles that of a Philip K. Dick or an Aldous Huxley, in which the player will evolve in a non-linear way. The first trailers reveal a title that is openly inspired by BioShock, both in terms of design and narrative approach, with a rich dialogue and an atypical universe.

Three years later, the baby of the Compulsion Games finally arrives and if it is disappointed by some aspects, We Happy Few remains a title that deserves the detour for all fans of dystopias …

As in the work of Philip K. Dick "The Man in the High Castle", Germany won the Second World War and invaded the United Kingdom. The authorities have rewritten history and formed the world to make the inhabitants happy. The player starts the adventure in the small town of Wellington Wells, in the shoes of an archiver, a person who specializes in the censorship of old press materials, who decides after stumbling over a document that touches him personally. to stop taking the tablets that the government has given him. Because there is a strange evil in Wellington Wells … All the inhabitants of this town have become completely addicted to a medicine that they & # 39; fortunately & # 39; makes. Thanks to them, the inhabitants of Wellington Wells see life in pink and forget their daily worries.

Like BioShock, We Happy Few proposes to take a plunge into a rich dystopian universe, in which the player learns to master the many facets of gameplay – also very rich – from We Happy Few. . Because if it approves the opinion in the first person, the game of Compulsion Games is not a banal FPS at all. The game of the Compulsion Games is even more eye-catching on the adventure / RPG side than a simple first-person shooter. Because yes, the dialogues are numerous in We Happy Few, and yes, the player will have to make choices that have a direct impact on the scenario.

Very rich, the game design of We Happy Few always leaves different choices to the player regarding the "missions" approach. Infiltration, manipulation, strong road, the options are numerous, and in more than one ways We Happy Few approaches a dishonored way to manage the playing field. With the difference that, unlike Arkane's title, the emphasis here is not on action – although there are clashes – but more on survival, with a rogue-like look.

Because to hope to survive in this world of goods-happy, the player must be careful and keep a low profile. Permanent death adds excitement to the action and the player will have to think more than once before making a decision …

Halfway between BioShock and Elder Scrolls, We Happy Few is a game at the crossroads of genres that are brilliantly different mix playing styles without being great with the gameplay. His rich universe, the variety of his decorations, his rogue-like appearance, are all elements that give it a unique cachet. RPG enthusiasts will also appreciate the richness of the gameplay, the many items to recover in the field, the rich dialogues, the production of items or the management of hunger and thirst are all borrowed games we usually do not see in an "FPS" ".

It is important to know: We Happy Few is not a popcorn game. It requires a few hours of rigorous immersion to be tamed. The main question will keep the player in suspense for more than twenty hours. From the first minutes of play, the player will also realize that there is no question of running from one shelter to another by shooting down his enemies. Most of the collisions go hand in hand, and the player has to keep an eye on his various gauges to make sure, for example, that he has eaten or drunk enough to sprint.


Very focused infiltration, the game gives pride murders silent reconnaissance and watch. It is regrettable, however, that artificial intelligence is far from being developed and that the behavior of patrols is not very realistic.

Remains that We Happy Few in the background is a title with a wealth of impressive play and succeeds in distinguishing itself through the use of his drugs, allowing the player to obtain a more favorable behavior from the citizens, while he tends the annoying tendency has to attract attention as soon as the defect is felt … An interesting concept that is also very well exploited.

For all of this, and even if We happily surprised Happy Few at the level of the gaming experience, hard to be completely convinced by a title that is struggling to renew itself and the unfortunate tendency to propose similar missions . The poorly developed artificial intelligence of the enemies, the repetitiveness of the missions and the many bugs in the adventure testify to a certain amateurism of the developers – who probably should have taken more time to refine their game.

And then, of course there is the artistic direction of the game, great, with an exceptional character design, but graphics that are far from the top in 2018 … Although this is not the most important, but for a gambling billed against the price that was so long awaited, it is still a pity that the result is far from high …

The +:

  • A rich game
  • An exceptional design
  • A rich universe and worked
  • Full of good ideas
  • An infectious scenario
  • An excellent life


  • AI sometimes disastrous
  • Too many bugs
  • Repetitive missions
  • Graphically completely obsolete


If it is disappointing at the level of the finish, We Happy Few remains an important title for all fans of RPG and adventure games. Halfway between BioShock, to whom he lends the graphic style and the skirmishes, and The Elder Scrolls, which he is inspired by the richness of his gameplay, We Happy Few is an exceptional title that continues to hold on to their path the most experienced players by a catchy storyline, brilliantly exploited ideas and a good dose of ingenuity. Difficult, however, to turn a blind eye to a graphical realization of another era and a often disastrous I.A. …


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