The Apple Store in Amsterdam evacuated after the explosion of an iPad

On Sunday, the Apple Store in the heart of Amsterdam had to be evacuated after the explosion of the battery of an iPad.

Small panic this Sunday, August 19 at the Apple Store in Amsterdam. An iPad is lit in the heart of the store, an explosion due to overheating or leakage of the device's battery, the Dutch media reports AT5 and AS Media. There was no fire but the store was immediately evacuated. No injuries were reported, but the explosion still released harmful and irritating fumes that were inhaled by three people in the store. These were spent on respiratory care.

The staff reacted quickly by placing the device in a box filled with sand, which prevented other complications. Firefighters in the city then took over.

Several incidents of this type have already occurred, we remember especially those two incidents that took place at the beginning of the year in Zurich and Valencia. IPhone was then involved.

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