The OnePlus 6T ignores the connection!

The information has not yet been officially confirmed by OnePlus, but all signals now point in that direction.

OnePlus 6T

A surprising decision for the OnePlus 6T …

It is a radical change of course. Although we know that the OnePlus 6T will be equipped with a built-in fingerprint sensor, the brand has decided to give us a little surprise. It is therefore a smartphone without a jack. Yet, a little over a year ago, the CEO tickled the iPhone 7 at the presentation of the OnePlus 5.

At the bottom you can see that we have left the 3.5 mm connection […] who needs a jacket, that's why Bluetooth is there, right? I'm kidding, of course that the OnePlus 5 has a jack!

But after Apple or HTC, another manufacturer makes a radical turn.

… but who would be taken away for charity

OnePlus announces, however, that this choice is not only aesthetic. It is about presenting real novelties on the side of the functionalities. In the program "fluidity, strength and performance in terms of battery". It is mainly thanks to this disappearance that the fingerprint sensor would have been integrated on the screen and therefore a battery would probably be a bit bigger. The company also tries to justify its imbalance by relying on users' consumption.

To better pass the pill, OnePlus announced the arrival of new USB-C earphones called Bullets. The brand that already owned the Bullets Wireless sold for "only" 70 euros. A way to gently justify the disappearance of the jack, these headphones will be really broken for a price. Successors of Bullets V2 offer a very resistant wire and sound quality that has been fundamentally improved. Also on the program, a reduction of the external noise and the control of the diffusion of the sound. The price? Barely twenty euros. What to seduce and facilitate the transition.


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