The Surge 2 is unveiled via the gameplay trailer

PS4, Xbox One, PC [ Focus Home Interactive – Deck13 ]

The Surge 2

Following the success of The Surge, the action-RPG-hardcore released in May 2017, Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 reveal the first pre-alpha gameplay trailer from The Surge 2, coming on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2019.

Today's First Look Gameplay celebrates the wooded environment of a mysterious park, nestled in the heart of a ravaged city following the terrible revolutions of The Surge, where the hunters, dangerous mercenaries wandering search for a powerful being. Stay on guard to defeat their traps and camouflage systems, but above all, beware of park rangers. They are now out of control …

De Surge 2 retains what made its predecessor a success with players and the press – dynamic fights, a target and install system, a solid progression system and a brilliant level design – but improve and improve the formula strongly! The Surge 2 offers a whole new environment to explore, more open, bigger and to enjoy an increasingly ambitious level design – all made possible thanks to a greatly improved game engine. The fights will be more violent and tactful than ever, and will provide more opportunities for players through a targeting system and will plunder richer. New skills, weapons, implants and drones also offer players a larger arsenal to customize their character and stand up against the new and great enemies and bosses in the game.

The Surge 2 is presented to the press in Hall 4.1, booth C-029G of Gamescom, with 20 minutes of presentation by developers showing the mechanics, new environments and ruthless battles.

Video of The Surge 2

Additional information

title : The Surge 2

publisher : Focus Home Interactive

studio : Deck13

platforms : PS4, Xbox One, PC

Release date : 2019

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