There will be 600 Apple stores worldwide by 2023

A Venture Beat analysis predicts a strong growth in the number of Apple stores globally with the presence of 600 stores in 2023.

Today there are 511 Apple stores. not something, but the analyst Gene Munster of Loup Venture predicts a clear increase in his paper in 2023. He reached the number of 600 stores, with mainly additions in China (currently 50 Apple Store counts) and the India. In total, this would represent no less than 80,000 active employees in Apple stores. According to the analyst, "no other technology company has the resources of Apple, with 65,000 people offering advice, support and personal experiences" .

He returns in detail to this channel inherent in Apple's success, with which it "can express his values ​​of quality, design, experience, inspiration, ease of use and confidentiality" . The analyst discusses the five most important steps that were taken during a visit to an Apple Store. First of all the aesthetics of the place that the same & # 39; charter & # 39; respects and a certain architectural virtuosity (see the recent opening of the Apple Store in Milan); then the reception of the customer who must feel welcome and must be led quickly to the right person; then the quality of the advice of the employees and the technical support of the Genius Bar. Finally the inspiration of the Today At Apple, experiences that take place every day in the Apple Store and visitors learn unique ways to use their Apple products.

The first Apple Store was opened in 2001, and the policies of Steve Jobs and Ron Johnson were at that time to facilitate the learning of the brand's products and to propose a team of experts to access it. to "simplify" technology while providing support while customer waits at the Genius Bar. A strategy that has been respected, while she has been under the leadership of Angela Ahrendts since 2014, who now manages the outlets in conjunction with the online service.

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