Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr – Reviews Test on PC / PS4 / XBOX ONE

When we mention the name of "Warhammer" you've undoubtedly heard it somewhere. Indeed, it's been a good decade for that Games Workshop lot games of this title but under different categories. This time they tried to extend the horizon of the license by one Hack & # 39; s Slash available on all platforms. The studio & # 39; s decided to call the game with pride "Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr".


What is it talking about?

First of all, it is useful to know that Warhammer 40K is a futuristic universeregardless of the game of the license. Indeed, from the launch of the game you are in a ship in the middle of space. It will take a few moments before you realize that it is filled with chaotic monsters.

After crushing many of the mobs, you will discover that the "Martyr" is a place that contains many secrets. The surrender of the game will mainly be based on this building where you have to venture. Do not worry, you will not get lost the tutorial is very well done, even if you never touch this type of game. Inquisitor Martyr

Then it is important to specify that the game will not be limited to chaining the main missions. Indeed, you have one versatile treasure hunts. With this you can traveling and discovering the big area of Caligari. This can be "just one zone", but it is full of different landscapes and creatures.

The Caligari area

No no, you will not be alone!

The most important asset of the game is clearly it possibility to play up to four players in online collaboration. By playing together, you will be stronger, remember that unity is power! More seriously, you can carry out more complicated missions and get better rewards. It will be possible to looking for performance and optimization by setting up a "group" where everyone will have a specific role. Inquisitor Martyr

Moreover, it is also possible to play in the local multiplayer, yes, you do not dream. Local MULTIPLAYER in 2018, some developers do not forget this mode that lacks many games. Unfortunately they wanted to do it right, but this is not on the top shelf. In fact, the player who decides to join you in the local multiplayer can not create or link his character. He will have to choose one of the nine available, they will each have their capacities. Once he has chosen, he has the same level as the main player.

Choose your class

Where the game may seem to be limited is at the level of class choices. Indeed, the developers decided to convertkings available, but with totally different gameplay. Moreover, the gameplay will not be the only difference, because each class will have a "role" that will have its interest in cooperation. Inquisitor Martyr

As mentioned earlier, you have the choice between three classes:

  • The crusader: role of tank. Inquisitor Martyr
  • killer: role of DPS. Inquisitor Martyr
  • The Psyker: a wizard of the type "magician" who can be used as a supporting class, so that he can heal his companions.

Finally, that is not all, do not scream! The game offers three specializations for each class. So you have in total nine different gameplay variants. For example, you will be able to choose whether your crusader will be a body-to-body fighter or at a distance. Although the game does not offer a wide range of classes, it has the merit of working through each class and each specialization thoroughly.

So, are we having fun?

In Hack & # 39; s Slash, the interface and the amount of spells for its importance. Indeed, we need to know how to make the game dynamic and enjoyable while it remains "accessible". But above all you need to know how to place all spells on all buttons on the controller!

Oh yes, if you did not know, the game wanted to be available at PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This makes the task of developers more difficult because we have the possibility to use a keyboard shortcut on many keys. We have a limited number of keys on the console. And so much to tell you that the goal has been reached since at the controller, the game is fun and fun to play. the spell cycle is generally good thinking, because we feel the difference between each class and specialization. And in our opinion there are no & # 39; single-touch classes & # 39 ;, which is very important, which means that we actually have it the choice between three fun classes. Inquisitor Martyr

then the talented skills also have their important role in the gameplay. These can completely change your DPS / Heal cycle and also easily improve certain spells in very specific situations. You will feel the course of your character perfectly during the adventure, you will become stronger and stronger!

Attention, it will expel it

We will talk about the sensitive point of the game … the technical quality! Let's talk about the graphics … We can realize that at certain times the game is not very nice. The textures and animations of the spells are clearly outdated, there is no doubt about that. We can, however, lift our thumb when we see it the quality of the cinematography that is a bit level and epic.

Optimization is not on the rendezvous, at least on console, because at certain times, nWe were afraid that the console would explode. Small precision, the test was performed on a PS4 Pro… So for a game that is not very nice and that wants to be accessible on different platforms, the developers have not taken time to heal the graphical optimization. (What's great afterwards is that it's possible to learn a fried egg on your console while you play.)

But the last technical point where it is important to put a finger on it is the variety of treasure hunts. This time it is positive! Indeed, after long hours of play, we did not feel a single moment of repetition in treasure hunts and secondary missions. The developers ensured that each lens was different, all in landscapes with different samples. Inquisitor Martyr

Besides, you also have the opportunity to make your own missions by choosing the difficulty and the goal. Depending on the level of difficulty you choose, you will of course get better rewards. This has been incredible since then the life of the game is almost infinite with this function.

The Uther Tarot, with which you can create your own missions.


NeoCore Games wanted to send Warhammer's license to unknown countries for this. And so much to tell you that they have almost respected their goals. The gameplay is dynamic, classes are well thought through and also specializations. Warhammer 40,000: inquisitor martyr could have been a great game, but unfortunately the graphics quality and optimization spoil the party a bit. Indeed, with completely dated images, textures and spells animations that have to be forgotten … In contrast to the treasure hunts, which are very different from each other, so you no longer feel tired in the short term. And finally, the local collaboration mode that also needs to be forgotten …

In summary, it is a good game, but it is still the victim of a number of negative points that spoil the gaming experience.

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