Will the return of Nokia PureView smartphones soon take place? – Tech

HMD has offered the brand PureView and opened the door for Nokia phones that will call the Lumia from Microsoft.

If the phones with Windows were paralyzed by their operating system, they had to make sacred arguments. For example, the quality of the photos, enabled by the brand PureView, included on the Nokia 808. Of course, HMD, which now Nokia smartphones on Android, nostalgic to Lumia and bought PureView Microsoft after the European Intellectual Property Office.

This opens the door to product development that combines the brands Nokia and PureView as in the good old days. However, it is still too early to decide on the photographic performance of future Nokia products.

Microsoft Lumia

Nokia wants to come back in the race

In any case, HMD could resuscitate the Lumia well, except that they would run under Android this time. This is in any case what this acquisition of PureView predicts, a brand that used to guarantee a certain quality guarantee in the field of clichés. Especially from fans of Nokia, manufacturer whose latest phones have a few trains in the field of photophony.

It remains to be seen whether HMD will not summarize this blessing to merely a commercial opportunism that would simply use the name PureView to recall memories of a glorious past. This is the risk and we will wait to see how this acquisition will work for the next Nokia phones. There is reason to believe in the desire to really change the desired functionality, especially because there is always a partnership with Zeiss, known for its quality objectives.

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