With Spotify you can now store 10,000 numbers!

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Spotify unleashes the downloadable limit

If you are a Spotify user, you can be sure that with the indispensable platform for music streaming you can store your favorite songs so that you can listen offline. A very practical aspect when you are in an area with too limited a network, or simply when you travel by plane for example. However, this function was limited to "only" 3333 numbers, a limit that has just exploded, confirms Spotify.

Indeed, for all those who felt that this ceiling of 3333 downloadable tracks was not enough, Spotify has just responded by raising the same limit to … 10,000. It is now possible to "save" 10,000 songs. on one and the same smartphone. Note that the limit applies to one device, but each Spotify account can be associated with 5 devices, raising the limit to 50,000.

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Note that this backup function is not available in the free version of Spotify. To enjoy it, you must be a Premium subscriber. The latter is indeed essential to take advantage of the offline earphone function.

Remember that Spotify recently introduced a declination Lite in the Android app. So, like Instagram, which was also launched in the Lite version, this Spotify Lite wants to be lighter than ever, suitable for beginning smartphones, and to prevent users from downloading too much data. Spotify Lite requires a download of only 5 MB. To achieve this limited weight, developers have of course excluded some functions from the main application, such as offline listening.

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