"Benson can spark, we miss him"

Frank, this match was complicated for Mouscron (defeat 2- 0 in Anderlecht), as announced …

Indeed, this meeting was difficult, but the intentions of my players were good. But we were confronted with the new Anderlechtoise brand, where our opponent is a roller compressor.

The reaction in the second half was pretty good: we knew that Anderlecht could not keep up such a pace for an indefinite period of time, but by the time we got back in, we took the second goal.

Back, Selim Amallah was a bit thinner in gray, so lacking creativity … We saw in the second half.

Selim, yes … Now the performance of Anderlecht is an important factor in our difficulties. Faced with the printing of our opponents it was complicated …

The other thinning: reinforcements arrive. The announced transfer of Manuel Benson shows that it can finally evolve in this sector …

I know him, yes. The player of Genk can provoke his opponent, bring the spark and the light, ignite a meeting. That is one of the things that we are missing now.

Did you receive news about the arrival of an attacker, claim another post?

No news, no. I watch …

With Noë Dussenne the right central defender has finally arrived. The expected profile and, moreover, someone who knows the championship and Excel?

We have claimed a player for this position. He corresponds, he knows Mouscron, it is true. And this return from Noë Dussenne, it's good for the club, for the fans, for the team and for me.

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