Bruges and Anderlecht with very different ambitions

This Sunday at 14.30 will be played. Club Brugge receives Sporting Anderlecht. Two points separate the two teams. Anderlecht are in front and do not want to break his momentum, translated by a strong 12 out of 12. The first of his efforts in Bruges will be to see how the coach Ivan Leko will integrate his new striker in a short time Kaveh Rezaei come from Charleroi. The strong striker signed Wednesday. He is here to replace Jelle Vossen injured and Wesley suspended. Is his term of office clear? A priori yes. Except for the coach Blue in Black.

"He knows the competition, he knows our football. But it is not clear … Our strength is the collective. We have automatisms. And in 3 days integration is difficult … I have to find balance in the team. With the goal this Sunday to do everything to win the game."

In front, Hein Vanhaezebrouck does not have the ambition to win. One suspects that one point could be enough for his happiness. In this phase of the competition it is most important for him to see how these young guys will manage such a poster. Sebastiaan Bornauw, Francis Amuzu, Alexis Saelemaekers and Hannes Delcroix are 19 years old.

"They play their first top matchsays HVH. In Bruges. None of them have ever experienced this. It will be special for them and also for Anderlecht to have four young people who can start in Bruges."

Young people who do well but also young people well surrounded. Thomas Didillon knew the French first division, Adrien Trebel is a tailor, Evgen Makarenko played in Dinamo Kiev, Pieter Gerkens is no longer a stranger. And on the front Ivan Santini and Landry Dimata their experience, their feeling and especially their sense of purpose.

"I am very happy that they score. If they score all goals this season, not a problem for me. If we win every match with goals from Santini and Dimata, I will not complain that the others do not score."

With this poster both teams can grow. Anderlecht want to erase his youth. Bruges needs matches of this caliber to the chickens of the Champions League in the best conditions.

"It is three months since we say that we have great ambitions. We want to develop a better football than last year. In all three competitions we play every game to win itsays Leko. We are ambitious. We strive for perfection. I have already told you, it is now that the real work for the staff and the coach begins."

This Brugge-Anderlecht is definitely a bit early in the season, but this competition will certainly be rich in lessons.

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