Cats force the future: the games are within their reach

theCats do not return from Tenerife with the bronze medal they had dreamed of. Spain was too proud in the small final. The Belgians lost their last two games, but in the semi-finals they forced the respect of the United States, the scarecrow worldwide, after defeating the Iberians, the European reference, in the group stage and the French quarterback. finale, which was their goal.

This World Cup is an extension of the euro: the bronze that was won last summer, after ten years of absence, revealed the extraordinary potential of this group of friends. This World Cup will be a milestone. Because it was a first in the history of Belgian basketball. But especially because the cats are the big revelation. In Tenerife, the Belgians have entered a new dimension: the World Top 4, while they started the tournament … at the 28th international place!

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