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cameroon, convocation, georges, ntep, lighting, writing, camer, sportbe, cameroon, Cameroon :: Georges Ntep convocation: The lighting of the editors of Camer-sport.be :: CAMEROONAn exchange between Fecafoot and coach Clarence Seedorf preceded the preselection of Georges Ntep in the lions. The new Cameroon coach has agreed to convene Ntep who has already played two friendly matches with the France A team.

On the side of the Fecafoot the officials ensure that arrangements have been made for the indigenous people of Douala to be qualified to play with the Indomitable Lions. If the Ntep qualification mechanism with Cameroon fails before the September 8 game against the Comoros, the Wolfsburg member (Germany) will be replaced.

As a reminder, according to FIFA, any player who wants to claim a new sport nationality and who has not played an international match in an official match of a category with a national team is authorized to play for another national team, provided that: it complies one of the following conditions:

(a) He was born on the territory of the team concerned

(B) His biological mother or father was born on the territory of the team concerned

(c) Her grandmother or biological grandfather was born on the territory of the team concerned

(d) He has lived for at least five years after he reached the age of 18 on the territory of the team concerned. "

The 4 conditions are not cumulative, Ntep now meets the prescribed FIFA.

Procedure for the player status committee

In particular, any player who meets the required conditions must send a request to FIFA through the Federation that wants to register. The FIFA Players & # 39; Status Committee is then authorized to decide.

Two well-known examples

Thiago Motta played three exhibition games with Brazil, his native country. Because he is also of Italian descent with his grandfather of his father, he could be called by the Italian federation to wear the colors of the Italian team. He played for Italy until his international retirement in 2016.

Diego Costa was born in Brazil and has dual nationality: Spanish and Brazilian. He played two exhibition games with the Brazilian team, but because he was not called in official games, he was able to choose the Spanish team. He is today a Spanish international player.

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