Europa League: Genk drives Brondby (5-2), La Gantoise left …

With a hat-trick from Samatta and a Trossard-double, Racing Genk did the job against Brondby in the Europa League Dam. The Gantoise, for his part, seized Bordeaux, but could not do better than tie (0-0).

A tripling of Samatta and a doubling of Trossard to overcome Brondby

Genk defeated Brondby 5-2 on Thursday in the first leg of the Europa League. Because they were 2-0 resting thanks to Aly Samatta (37) and Leandro Trossard (45th + 1), the Limburgers were added to the score in three minutes. Samatta (55th, 70th) and Trossard (90th + 1) eventually destroyed the goals of Hjörtur Hermannsson (47th, 1-2) and Kamil Wilczek (50th, 2-2).

Brondby coach Alexander Zorniger had announced the color: the first goal of his players was to make the Genkois nervous. Well shaken from the beginning, thank God Ndongala had the proof (6th). When the Danes came in, they were also the most dangerous. They inherited the first big chance, but Hany Mukhtar's shot failed on the crossbar (eleventh). Genk struggled with the fierce start of the Scandinavians, who managed to keep Ruslan Malinosvkyi and Alejandro Pozuelo out of the game for half an hour. Then the Limburg duo started to take the ball. On a free kick from the Ukrainian, the Spaniard served a long ball to Samatta (37th, 1-0). Genk was restored and Trossard scored a second goal after a penalty for Johan Larsson & # 39; s hand-off, Danish captain (45 + 1, 2-0).

When restarting, change of scenario. Daniel Vukovic was first warned by Ante Erceg (46) before bowing for a shot from Hermannsson (47th, 2-1). This early second period turned into drama: only the second post, Wilczek equal (50th, 2-2). Genk did not completely lose the north, because Samatta gave him the lead (55th, 3-2). The panic was over. After scoring twice, Samatta scored a hat-trick with a rebound after a shot by Pozuelo (70th, 4-2). Pozuelo and Malinosvkyi brought the game to an end and Genk several times closed 5-2 before Trossard opened the score (90 + 1, 5-2).

Ghent and Bordeaux, until late in the race reduced to ten, leave from row to toe

The Gantoise failed to make the difference against Bordeaux in Thursday's first leg of the Europa League play-offs (0-0). The Buffalo & # 39; s have multiplied the dangerous actions in the Girondine area without fooling the goalkeeper Benoît Cortil. In the injury time, Jules Koundé was excluded from Bordeaux (90th + 2)

De Gantoise immediately took possession of the ball. While Bordeaux favored the track, Jean-Luc Dompé and Taiwo Awoniyi signed a one-two, the shot of the first passing over the transversal (6th). The Buffalo & # 39; s approached the 25 meter Girondins quite easily, but they paid their technical approach in the final gesture. Thus shifted in the surface gave Nana Asare the ball in the hands of Costil (16th) and Roman Yaremchuk placed his head next while he had taken over Igor Lewczuk (18th).

Ghent had control of the ball and prevented Bordeaux from sending counterattacks. The Girondins still tried to take risks, but they did not get enough in number. They never found Jimmy Briand, who celebrated his first tenure.

During the recovery, dangerous situations in the Bordeaux area multiplied. Giorgi Chakvetadze tore up the defensive curtain before missing his shot (50th) completely. On a corner of Dompé, the Georgian put the ball away from the head on the Bordeaux Younousse Sankharé, who would score against his side without a reflex stop (67th). It was not over yet since Awoniyi shoved his shot from close by (71st) before giving up his place to Jonathan David (75th). The Canadian immediately launched Stallone Limbombé, which Costil encountered (83). The French goalkeeper then flew at a shot from Yaremchuk (85th). Bordeaux is lacquered: a shot from Vadis Odjidja crashed again on the post (90 + 1). Frustrated Koundé took a second yellow card (90 + 2) and will miss the second stage.

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