Frank Defays: "The new ones will do us good"


Frank Defays expects that many new recruits will make a difference for Genk.

Mouscron prepares the arrival of Eupen this Saturday. A meeting is of course crucial for Excel. "We can not hide, it is not a game like any other, it is very important to us, we will have to deal with the good and the bad pressure, the new players arrive at the right time." Dussenne Benson, we know their qualities and their mistakes. We know their qualities in Belgium. This is good for everyone. The quality of the training is immediately tangible, especially due to the number of players that are left and others.

Does Frank Defays have a certain pressure on his shoulders? "If you are a coach, regardless of the level, you think you have no problem on 0/12, but that you have one, that is the life I have chosen and I have enough experience in football to know that a coach with such a track record is threatened. "

Note that degreasing has finally taken place since Damnjanac, Jelavic, Sarmiento (test?), Debaisieux and Dione were poured into the core U21. "I wanted to meet them to talk to them and explain my decision, but for Deboisieux and Dione that does not mean it does not stop there, they have to be hardened into adult football, just follow Selim Amallah's example."

The core: Werner, Dussenne, Katranis, Olinga, Napoleone, Mbombo, Amallah, Mohamed, Gkalitsios, Spahiu, Liberals, Benson, Pierrot, Gulan, Vojvoda, Vandurmen, Godeau, Buter, Kuzmanovic, Sambu.

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