GP of Belgium: And the galley of Stoffel Vandoorne continues …

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New cataclysmic session for the Belgian, the best on his country.

Stoffel Vandoorne once again drank the chalice to the lees during the 2nd free practice session of the Belgian Grand Prix. Just like in the morning session, the McLaren driver finished last with a time of 1: 46.496, more than 3 seconds behind the best!

Always in mediums while the other drivers were tender and super soft, the Belgian lost more than 25 minutes after a change in the flat bottom. Then he was entitled to a car that was too underexposed, almost untenable. And to top it all off, his team made the dangerous choice to return to a drinkable time each time he prepared. McLaren, it's magic!

Kimi Räikkönen proved the good shape of the Ferrari with the best time of 1: 43.355 in three seconds and so light years. The Finn preceded Mercedes Lewis Hamilton (+0.168) and Valtteri Bottas (+0.448). Author of the best time in the first session, Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari, +0.774) is 5th behind Max Verstappen (Red Bull, +0.691).

The Top 10 is complemented by Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull, +0.895), Sergio Perez (Force India, +1.307), Carlos Sainz (Renault, +2.126) and Sauber Marcus Ericsson (+2.182) and Charles Leclerc (+2.267)) .

The F1 resumes the job tomorrow for the third free session that starts at 12:00.

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