"It is good to have the honor after the defeats, but it is difficult to spend"

Mouscron lost on Friday of the first match of the fourth match day (2-0) of Anderlecht. Four games, and no point at all. Despite a much better second half from Hurlus, their coach is worried. More than the way he wants results. Franck Defays was a micro Pro League at the end of the game.

When someone speaks of an honorable defeat, he accepts but specifies: " That is the fourth, so that's a lot, we accept the term, but we can not accept the numbers, the points. that's an important match, but you have to count the points, it's good to have the honor after the defeats, but it's hard to raise money, then the players' ghost can also make a hit. technical work, physical, but also mental. "

The Hurlus showed a much better face in the second period, regretting the first time? " No, because the intentions were the same, I thought that Anderlecht was impressive, because of the physical impact, which was not necessarily the case, and then I think we have a little too much I think we're in the second half have asked for more dedication, and daring to play is what was planned in the first half, also think that Anderlecht prevented us from doing this "

Mouscron has a very important meeting with Eupen next weekend.

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