Italy: Hamilton stronger than Ferrari on his country – Formula 1

Great shot from Lewis Hamilton. Third on the grid of
departure, the Brit won in Monza, in the temple of the
speed. So he signed his sixth victory of the season and the 68th
success of his career in F1. Ferrari will have problems with repair. But still, the premiere1st line was 100% red with Raikkönen
on pole and Vettel second. However, everything changed from the first round.
Vettel was attacked by Hamilton in Turn 4 and went to hang the British and the Germans
big lost. He turned and finished 20th and
last. Huge stunner for Vettel and Ferrari.

Payment strategy for Mercedes

Raikkönen, alone, had to control Lewis Hamilton. the
Finns anticipated his stop not to be bothered by traffic. Error of
Ferrari because Hamilton stayed on the job. The winning shot. A small
ten rounds after Raikkönen, the world champion has changed his tires and
then came from the third position. Bottas, leader, then played team strategy
thoroughly. He took care of blocking the Ferrari pilot to allow Hamilton
to return to the DRS area. Pay. Since in eight rounds of the finish, the
Britons have offered the scalp of the Ferrari, for the biggest setback of

While Lewis Hamilton was on his way to victory, Bottas
he recovered, he, third in the game of punishment. Verstappen was
penalty of five seconds penalty after too violent defense
the Fin. Perfect weekend for the Silver Arrows. During that time,
Vettel completed his comeback by keeping the 12 points of the fourth place.

Two French in the points

In the French we will be the serious races of
Romain Grosjean and Esteban Ocon. The first took the sixth place and the
second seventh. By contrast, Pierre Gasly, ninth on the grid, took a modest fifteenth place,
not helped by his weak Honda engine. Mercedes, struggles all weekend, leaves Italy with
25 points ahead of Ferrari at the manufacturers (415 points against 390).
The best 30 points ahead of Hamilton
on Vettel, big loser on Monza.

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