League (J3): Karim Benzema leaves Cristiano Ronaldo Leganés forgotten

Published on September 1, 2018 at 23H05 – updated on September 2, 2018 at 00H27

Nicolas Kohlhuber

Although post-Cristiano Ronaldo may be a source of fear for Real Madrid, it seems that the winner of the last Champions League has nothing to fear, because Karim Benzema is in shape. The French striker led his team to an easy victory over Leganes (4-1).

Why do you need Cristiano Ronaldo if Karim Benzema is fit? The question may arise at Real Madrid. Without the Portuguese, the club of the capital this Saturday night for La Liga. At the same time, his French striker rules the hierarchy of scorers. Both could trust each other to overcome Leganés. The former Lyonnais is not the first to strike. On the contrary. Gareth Bale opened the score with a cross from the center of Dani Carvajal (16th, 1-0). An opening logical score like the Pimenteros does not show anything early in the game. They are content to defend and end well to that Welsh goal. Forced to discover themselves and hope to come back with a point, the teammates of a substitute that makes Diego Rolan equal in their only half chance. In the penalty area Javier Eraso is unbalanced by Casemiro. Guido Carrillo is charged with transforming the punishment by taking Thibaut Courtois against (23rd, 1-1). So history will remember that the first ball hit by the Belgian goalkeeper in Real's jersey will be at the bottom of his nets. Until that time, miraculously, the men of Mauricio Pellegrino try to defend this point. They give up the ball, but offer a very close defense. Like a Karim Benzema who can not get away from the opponent, no player in the White House can make the shift. As a form of addiction though. But a disturbing sign if the opponent is weak.

Two doubles in two games for Karim Benzema

When the changing room returns, the situation is different. Leganes can not be so disciplined anymore in his 4-5-1 defensive position. The sanction is immediate for a real kali team. Or just shifted a few moments, the time that the VAR validates the target. The author of the realization? Karim Benzema. The Frenchman won victoriously a header from center Marco Asensio (47, 2-1). First accused of a foul on Jonathan Silva, he is finally acquitted and can celebrate his third goal of the season. A party in two phases. As a symbol of a second approaching party. She will arrive at the hour of the game. At the end of a nice collective movement, the inhabitant of Source trusts Luka Modric before he crosses his shot that finds the small net of Ivan Cuellar (60th, 3-1). A top performance to make the break. Five minutes later, the lords of Julen Lopetegui finally take cover thanks to Sergio Ramos (65th, 4-1). The defender runs a penalty kick caused by Marco Asensio in a duel with Unai Bustinza. The rest of the competition is just management. Thibaut Courtois does not have the opportunity to show the extent of his talent, Mariano Diaz does not get the chance to enter. The contest proposed by the triple European champion has nothing to do with incredible, but at least it has the merit to make clear that the page Cristiano Ronaldo has changed definitively. With two consecutive doubles Karim Benzema seems to decide to write the next one.

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