P1: beautiful victory of Neufvilles in the White Land (1-3)


The troops of Grégory Gorez proved convincing in one of the great branches of the series.

A victory over a tenor and with a nice game bonus. This Saturday night, Neufvilles deserved a deserved victory in the Pays Blanc in Antoing. Everything started badly for the Grégory Gorez troops with a second minute goal scored by Delannoy for the visits. But then the doctor would take over. Cordemans, head leveled just before the break and Amys, with a nice shot from the left, gave the advance to Neufvilles of the recovery. Slosse completed the work in the 70th. This is a four out of six that predict nice days for Neufvilles on P1.

"First let's stay calm, even though I am very satisfied with today's way"said Gregory Gorez at the end of the debate. "The White Land goal may have activated us, we have just drawn four out of six against two big teams, it's really good."

The goals: 2nd Delannoy (1-0), 39th Cordemans (1-1), 49th Amys (1-2), 70th Slosse (1-3)

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