Pele Mboyo, Saturday guest: "I could have signed up for the money in Turkey, but I did not want that anymore"

D Six years after his professional debut in Charleroi, Pele Mboyo is back to top. Or almost, because it is in Kortrijk, his second home, that the former Devil decided to revive.

Just like Kanu or Ezekiel, Pele Mboyo is a ghost in the Tower of Babel (13 different nationalities) Courtraisienne promises Glen De Boeck to really start his season this weekend against Ostend after a slow start and a whimsical timetable (Anderlecht-Antwerp -FC Brugge). A start in a trot, but three full matches for Pele Mboyo, a first since December 2014 and an ankle injury that will seriously undermine the fate of this former Belgian international, will be full-time tricard in the Pro League since his departure to Sion in 2015 To prove that he has had football for 31 years, Pele Mboyo is now a former member. And the elderly often have things to say

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