Visé (D2) wins by the smallest lead against Couvin despite several chances: "Even eleven, they were not very dangerous"

URSL Visé 1

Couvin-Mariembourg 0

Despite the many chances, the Visetois against Couvin-Mariembourg wins the lowest score. The first half was clearly in favor of the geese.

The score could have been more serious because Visé benefited from two penalties and Couvin had an exclusion (Charlier in the 66th).

► The opinion of the coach, Stéphane Huet, about the meeting:
& # 39; Couvin has not been really threatening. & # 39;

►Our photo & # 39; s of the meeting.

The target
: 61st Said on penalty

Jaa, Lacroix, Audoor, Oluoch, Manfredi, Vaccaro, Hossey, Nezer (90th Debefve), Said (94th Muaremi), Gendebien (46th Bamona), Alima.

: Eugene, Vanhorick (80th Houche), Nsingi, Ndikumana, Sirat, Hallaert, Charlier, Servidio, Deppe (70th Sias), Davrichov, Pratz.

Yellow cards
: Pratz, Hallaert, Said.

Red card
Charlier (66th).

: M. Rozet.

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