Collapse of a viaduct in Genoa – State funeral in Genoa after the collapse of the bridge

State funeral is celebrated on Saturday in Genoa in the presence of the highest Italian politicians after the fatal collapse of the highway bridge, for which the government ruthlessly attacks the manager of the book. The families of some victims have chosen not to participate in the ceremony in Genoa and prefer private funerals.
Rescuers, including 350 firefighters, are still being mobilized to search for five missing opportunities in the debris of the Morandi Bridge, four days after the nightmare disaster that accelerated cars and trucks into the void.
The provisional official balance of the drama has frozen to 38 dead since Thursday. Ten injured are still in hospital, six of whom are in serious condition.
In a huge hall in Genoa that has been transformed into a burning chapel, Saturday morning 18 crates were set up, including the white of a child. They are covered with flowers, with the name or photo of the dead.
Some families preferred private graves on Friday or Saturday by boycotting the authorities' initiative.
The newspaper La Stampa reported Friday that At least 17 victims preferred to not participate in the official ceremony
Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco of Genoa, who is scheduled to celebrate the Saturday Mass, which is on a big screen for the inhabitants will be broadcast, "all his respect for who has chosen not to want a state funeral."
The funeral also took place Friday in several other Italian cities.
The government announced Friday that the procedure for withdrawing the concession of the part of Genoa had been formally engaged in a letter to the concessionaire autoroute.
While the football championship has to be resumed, matches scheduled for Sunday from Sampdoria and Genoa, both teams from Genoa, have been postponed to a later date. During the other meetings, the players will observe a minute's silence and wear a black bracelet.
Saturday, day of national mourning for the victims, the lights on the emblematic buildings of Rome such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Place du Capitole, will remain out of order from 22:00 to 23:00.

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