Serious accident between a bus with children and a Belgian truck in the Aisne: the truck driver called!


Serious accident between a bus with children and a truck in the Aisne

Jeud, it was about 17:45 hours, when a violent collision took place in Villers-Agron-Aiguizy, in the Aisne, southwest of Reims . The accident took place on the A4 motorway in the direction of Paris-Reims between a truck registered in Belgium and a bus in which children of a colony in particular were.

The bus was on the tire emergency stop when hitting a truck with grain.

When the truck arrived, the driver and the director of the ventilated center were busy placing the warning triangle 75 meters behind the bus. . The two men had to jump into the ditch.

Under the impact of the shock, the heavyweight lay on its side. The bus is from the company Bardy. It carried 41 people: 14 adults as well as children from 3 to 13.

The latter took part in a trip to Paris organized by their recreation center Argonne Meusienne.

Seven children were hospitalized. Three of them aged 10 and 11 were still in hospital Friday afternoon, but their lives were not in danger. A local emergency unit for psychological support was set up in Varennes and Argonne.

The truck driver, a 26-year-old Frenchman, is a professional driver with a valid license.

The man was taken into custody on the grounds of the peloton Château-Thierry (19659004). Subsequently, he was offered for an indictment (indictment) for involuntary injuries to a supervisory judge.

According to the prosecutor "the trucker " committed a clearly deliberate violation of a certain duty of care or security imposed by law or regulation. "

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