Andressa Suita is Boninho’s new bet, and according to a columnist, ex-husband approved the invitation

According to the columnist Dyego Gomes posted on today’s date (26), on your social network, Andressa Suita, ex-wife of Gusttavo Lima, is the new bet of Nice to participate in BBB 21.

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That’s what the columnist said Andressa Suita it is the big dream of Nice to BBB 21 and even, he pulls out a pair of chopsticks so that the Gusttavo Lima’s ex-wife accepted to participate in reality, because the invitation had already been made.

However, the problems drive away Andressa Suita from Boninho’s dream, its hundreds of ads and, of course, your children Samuel and Gabriel Lima. But according to comment Dyego Gomes, Gusttavo Lima himself encourages the great love of his life to participate in reality.

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In addition, the columnist said that with all his charisma, Andressa Suita would have great chances of winning the ride, but he also remembered that she was already in it ‘A Fazenda’, in 2009, and had a dull passage as it was the fourth to be removed from ‘reality’.

Although it is the dream of Nice that she is participating in BBB 21, as the columnist noted, many netizens did not like the ideaTo: “Don’t accept @andressasuita because every mistake of yours in the program people will slaughter you here and nothing of a prize will please not go @andressasuita,” commented one internet user.

Another follower noted that too many people are already taking care of her life right now and when she goes to BBB she triples the number of people so she doesn’t believe she will accept Boninho’s invitation.

In addition, most of her fans and followers want her to resume her marriage Gusttavo Lima and end the suffering of internet users, who cannot take it like that ‘suspense’, as gossip about the couple arises every day, check out:

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Son of Andressa Suita hands over her mother on video

The biggest evidence they’ve shared so far about the couple’s possible return Andressa Suita and Gusttavo Lima, it was a video on which she recorded Instagram stories on the last day (20), in which we can hear his eldest son, Gabriel, happily say, “Daddy came, Daddy came”.

The Instagram profile @famaefamososocial, shared the moment on its social network and a great debate took place on the matter, because many believe the boy said ‘green coffee’.

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“If you listen more often, you will understand that he says ‘green coffee’, it has nothing to do with what they come up with”, a profile follower commented on the videobut most don’t just believe in reconciliation Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita, how happy they were to see the video as it sparked the hope that they can be together.

With that, a follower posted a sentence that had a lot of likes, precisely in the hope that the couple would Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita really stick together: “I hope they come back! Beautiful family, you should be happy together “.

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