Bolsonaro repeats Crivella’s false charge, saying PSOL will partner with Paes to take over Rio Education

BRASÍLIA – A week after Mayor Marcelo Crivella (Republicans) made the false charge that his second-round opponent, former Mayor Eduardo Paes (DEM), had struck a deal to hand over the Municipal Education Minister to PSOL, which would lead to “pedophilia in schools,” President Jair Bolsonaro reiterated part of the allegation on Thursday night in live broadcast over the Internet. After reiterating his support for Crivella, he cited Rio de Janeiro’s example for the first time in the second round, without mentioning Paes’ name:

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– Let’s assume, for example, Rio de Janeiro: the candidate for mayor there, PSOL promised the Minister of Education. Gosh, if this guy wins, don’t complain about the trash your son will have when he goes to class.

Both Paes and PSOL announced last week that they would sue Crivella for the statements in a video recorded with Congressman Otoni de Paula (PSC-RJ) last Thursday. The DEM candidate said he would sue the court for “this very serious and untruthful charge”.

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In life with Otoni, Crivella claimed to have heard, without presenting information in support of the statement, that PSOL “will provide the education secretariat” in any Paes administration. In a video broadcast following the mayor, Freixo denied that PSOL would join a possible Paes government, saying the party and its seven elected councilors “will oppose him, a responsible opposition.” The PSOL in Rio preached a “no vote” in Crivella in a resolution released last week.

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– PSOL is with Eduardo Paes. They say he takes care of the education department. Do you imagine pedophilia in schools? I keep imagining a brother of mine, evangelical, Methodist, Assemblyman, someone from Universal. Jesus said the Kingdom of God belongs to children. Jesus compared himself to children. And are we going to accept pedophilia at school? In preschool and early childhood education? – said Crivella in the recording.

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Along with the mayor of Rio, Otoni reinforced Crivella’s false accusations by saying that “it is a risk we take if Eduardo is elected”. Otoni is being investigated in the Federal Supreme Court (STF) fake news investigation, and has already been indicted by the Attorney General’s Office for the crimes of defamation, injury and coercion for cursing STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes, the rapporteur of the research.

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“ In the first place, there is no political agreement, no exchange of views with Psol, neither on my part nor on their part, and this attitude reflects his despair at the growing prospect of defeat in the thought I would. to go that far in baseness and in lies. He will face electoral, civil and criminal prosecution for this very serious and untruthful charge, ”Paes replied in a note.

Bolsonaro’s speech came live after almost an hour and twenty minutes, during which he spoke little about politics. The president said he will go to Rio to vote on Sunday and that “people already know” who he will vote for.

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– That I campaigned for Marcelo Crivella. I am not interested in research, because I have never believed in research – he added.

During the concert, campaign material from Crivella was on the table, but Bolsonaro did not show it.

He also wished good luck and “a good decision” to the voters going to vote in the second round and asked them to take into account the party to which the candidate belongs. He also argued that his supporters should not vote for left-wing acronyms, citing PT, PCdoB, PSOL and PDT.

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– What this party defends has always defended: gender ideology, erosion of family values, ignoring education, many things. Check out what these parties advocate for you, so don’t vote for these candidates for mayors of those parties, as you know, PT, PCdoB, PSOL, PDT, among others there. That is the call I am making. Why? Your son’s future will pass through that mayor’s hands. This mayor decides whether or not to close the school and what is partly taught in class, what he defends. What this candidate for mayor promised many times to an affiliated party – stated Bolsonaro.

Sao Paulo

Referring to the São Paulo election, he recalled that his candidate, Celso Russomanno (Republicans), lost and failed to make it to the second round, exempting himself from supporting anyone for next Sunday. He made brief comments about the two candidates, Bruno Covas (PSDB) and Guilherme Boulos (PSOL):

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– Now you can choose between Covas and Boulos. Covas stated that he had not voted for me in the second round, in 2018, so he voted for the PT, he voted for Haddad. And the other man, from PSOL, is known. I’m not going to tip, I’m not going to get into politics here, everyone decides in the best way now about their vote in São Paulo. So I am no longer with it – he stated.

The president also spoke about the Covid-19 pandemic, noting that there are some mayors in the country talking about “new incarceration, lockdown.” He stressed that “it is now too late” for those in cities where mayors defending the measure have already been re-elected.

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– Are you talking about lockdown, is anyone against it? You should have seen … Don’t you understand what he did about that … in fact, the pandemic started from March, and he got reelected, what is he thinking about? I did well. I will continue the lockdown. Now where can you change this? Where there is a second shift. Shall I tip you? No. It’s up to you to decide … I don’t know how many, about 100 congregations will have a second round, so there is time for you to see this. And, also, very important: look at the party the man is in and the party he is related to. My God, is it so hard to choose?

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