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CNJ asks the judge of the "jet lava" on profile with his name

Attack on the FTS

CNJ asks the "jet lava" judge on profile with his name on Twitter

The National Minister of Justice, Minister Humberto Martins, submitted a request to Federal Deputy Judge Gabriela Hardt on Friday (15/3) to inquire whether she is aware of the existence of a profile on Twitter called "Judge Gabriela Hardt sincerely "(@GabrielaHardt) is authorized for such use and has taken some measure to prevent the continuity of such practices.

CNJ wants Gabriela Hardt to report whether the profile is in her name.

According to the minister, the purpose of the procedure is to clarify the situation and protect the good faith of the citizens, which can be led to believe that the posts reflect the official position of the "jet lava" judge, which according to especially worrying at a time so wasteful in spreading false messages.

The following tweets were published in the profile: "Galera who is such a popular movement, who demands the disapproval of all the ministers of the STF, you go"; "Urgent: STF & # 39; & # 39; works behind the scenes to get Lula out of prison & # 39; and & # 39; STF KILLS OUT OF JUSTICE FOR 6 VOTES TO 5".

"Given that this profile brings the photo and the name of a magistrate, and explicitly refers to the condition of & # 39; judge & # 39; in addition to the use as the address in the twitter account of the magistrate's name (@ GabrielaHardt) Although the adjective & # 39; sincere & # 39; has been added in the name of the profile, there is little risk that people might as well get the publications made in this report from a magistrate, & # 39; Martins.

The magistrate has 15 days to provide the information requested by the national courts of justice. With information from the press service of the CNJ.

magazine Legal advisor, March 15, 2019, 9:42 PM

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