Crias from the base, defender Donato and left-back Csar goodbye to the Atlantic


With ties on 31 December 2018, Csar, 21 and defender Donato, 24, bid farewell to Atltico on Wednesday. Both were revealed in the basic categories of de Haan.

Csar was born in Belo Horizonte and was promoted to professional at the beginning of the season. He could not repair the main team and was finally lent to Tupi de Juiz de Fora. For the sector the technical Levir Culpi counted on Fbio Santos, Hulk, also from the base, and Patric, sometimes improvised in the sector.

In a message on Instagram, Csar thanked some professionals who helped his journey in de Haan. The party has not revealed its future club.

Csar arrived in Atlântico in 2011 and played for the Under-14 team. Since then, it has gone through all the basic categories. In 2017 he worked for the Under-20 and the team of aspirants.

The team started the 2016 Under-20 World Cup title campaign and under the Under-20 category, Csar also won the 2016 Terborg tournament.

Csar was related to some games of the professional in 2018, but did not make his debut from above in the team. Hulk, also from the base, was chosen as the immediate reserve of Fbio Santos.

In addition to being lent to Tupi, Csar was almost on loan to Londrina in February. However, the negotiation was not finalized.


Mineiro de Coqueiral, Donato became professional in 2014, made four games for the main team, but ended up borrowing at other clubs, such as Ferroviria-SP, Caldense, Aimor-RS, Londrina-PR, Red Bull-SP and, finally, Taubat – SP. In 2017 he became a member of the aspiring team, later extinct.

In 2019 Donato defends the Botafogo of Paraba. He was already in the pre-season parade in the northeast.

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