Cruzeiro thrash Brasil-RS with show and great goal from Sobis for midfield – 05/12/2020

Hey, zica! With the right to throw coarse salt on the lawn, Cruzeiro finally managed to win again in Mineirão after three rides at home. In the match for the 26th round of the Brasileirão Serie B, Raposa passed Brasil de Pelotas without fear this Saturday evening, victorious with 4 to 1. Arthur Caíke, Jarro (against) and Rafael Sóbis (from penalty and with an anthological goal from the midfield) scored in favor of the miners. The gauchos’ honorary goal came with Bruno José.

That was the second victory in a row for Cruzeiro, who is trying to get a hit with Felipão. In the standings, the club passed four opponents and is gradually moving away from the relegation zone. Now there are 34 points against 24 of Náutico, who are still playing this Sunday.

Who did it well: Sóbis excels in all aspects

Since returning to Cruzeiro, Rafael Sóbis has significantly improved the team’s repertoire. Today was no different. Present all over the field, he regularly took part in offensive actions. It was the name of the defeat with an assist, a penalty goal and a great midfield goal.

Cruzeiro wins half time in two almost identical bids

Felipão’s strategy was to score early to change Brazil’s characteristics on the field. And it worked. From the middle, Sóbis crossed a ball on the far post and Arthur Caíke was the first to take the score. Three minutes later, Machado took a free kick in almost the same spot. Goalkeeper Rafael Martins was completely confused and striker Jarro cut his own net. 2 to 0.

Brazil outlines reaction, but Sóbis makes third

There was no way to be different and the Rio Grande do Sul side blamed the blow with the two goals conceded in less than 15 minutes. It wasn’t until the age of 21 that the team managed to finish for the first time in the race, mainly because of the heavenly relaxation with the advantage. This was evident in Bruno José’s goal, who received from Jarro completely free in the area before hitting a cross and overcoming goalkeeper Fábio. The goal brought Brazil back into the game, but as the game rested, Heverton scored a silly penalty on Arthur Caíke. Right in the match, Sóbis used force to guarantee Raposa’s third goal.

Brazil fails again and Sóbis scores the “goal that Pelé did not score”

In the second half, peace reigned. Brasil de Pelotas did not show enough strength to seek a response, allowing Cruzeiro to touch the ball in search of a peaceful end to the match. When it seemed that the score would not be changed anymore, a wrong pass ended up at Rafael Sóbis’ feet. The striker kicked in from in front of midfield, covering the goalkeeper and landing in the back of the net (see above). Great aim to end the great night of the Cruise and to crown Sóbis’s good return to the club.

It is the oscar best actor goes to …

Willian Pottker he was already injured and out of action due to an injury to his right thigh. Still, the player was on the list and stayed on the bench, despite not even taking part in the warm-up with the other substitutes. The striker came in the second half overdone in the complaint and eventually “regretted” the yellow. Since it was hanged, it will comply with the suspension of the medical department.


Reason: 26th round of the Brasileirão Serie B.
Date Time: 12/05/2020, at 9 pm (from Brasília)
Local: Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
Referee: José Mendonça da Silva Júnior. (PR)
Tools: Rafael Trombeta (PR) and Luciano Roggenbaum (PR)

GOALS: Arthur Caíke, 10’1ºT (1-0); Pitcher (against), 13’1ºT (2-0); Bruno José, 27’1ºT (2-1); Rafael Sobis, 47’1ºT (3-1), 28’2ºT (4-1)
Yellow cards: Willian Pottker, Airton, Cacá (CRU), Alex Ruan, Luiz Henrique (BRA)
Red card: Did not have.

CRUISE: Fábio; Raul Cáceres, Manoel, Ramon and Matheus Pereira; Adriano (Cacá), Jadsom Silva (Régis) and Filipe Machado (Jadson); Arthur Caíke, Rafael Sóbis (Marcelo Moreno) and Airton (Welinton). Technical: Felipão.

BRAZIL: Rafael Martins; Rodrigo Ferreira, Leandro Camilo, Heverton and Alex Ruan (Bruno Santos); Sousa, Pablo (Simião), Matheus Oliveira (Felipe Albuquerque) and Matheusinho (Bruno Matias); Jarro Pedroso (Luiz Henrique) and Bruno José. Technical: Claudio Tencati.

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