Danilo becomes famous, collecting selfies in the street after a series at Palmeiras | palm trees

Danilo arrived for the first press conference in Palmeiras with “cold in the stomach” and “sweaty”, blamed for nervousness.

Five times on the field in the eight years that coach Abel Ferreira led the team, the 19-year-old midfielder won a streak at the club and changed his life, he told the Football Academy on Monday.

As he plays more for the alviverde team, the request for selfies is increasing on the streets of São Paulo.

– After this series that I had, people now ask to take a picture when they see me on the street. It was a huge impact for me and my family, all of that – said the smiling player.

Danilo gave the first press conference as a Palmeiras professional – Photo: Reproduction / TV Palmeiras

Shy in front of the camera and questioning, the midfielder stated that he feels more comfortable as a “5”, a role in which he acts as the main replacement for captain Felipe Melo. Shirt number 30 is still recovering from ankle surgery and says he will return to the team in January.

Without Melo, Danilo would have to gain even more space in the coming weeks, after recovering from Covid-19. The midfielder sees himself growing in the club and is now focused on establishing himself within the professional roster.

– Getting the chance is very good for the people on the base, it has always been a dream of ours. We work daily and we can evolve every day and every game. It is the killing of a lion a day – spoke the wheel, which sees the daily work as fundamental to the good phase.

– I am evolving and trying to get the most out of my education. Experienced players have also given me a lot of information. It’s game after game, but it focuses, rests on pauses and goes into fights – finished Danilo, now without the “shell” of the first press conference as a pro.

Danilo is one of Abel Ferreira’s options for Wednesday’s decisive match against Delfín, in the eighth finals of the Copa Libertadores de América. Palmeiras won the trip 3 to 1 and is close to the place in the quarter-finals.

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