Emergency Relief: Caixa is paying a new installment to 16.8 million people this week; see calendar | Brazil and politics

They will receive a package at a cost of R $ 600 (R $ 1,200 for mothers with heads of household) or R $ 300 (R $ 600 for mothers with heads of household) emergency renewal assistance.

Payments for those registered in the program through Cadastro Único, the emergency assistance application and website follow the cycle calendar set by the Ministry of Citizenship. (view the full calendars here).

From this group, in addition to the September birthdays they receive today, – batch valid for cycle 5 (see calendar below) -, 3.5 million born in October has deposited a new installment on Wednesday (9), 3.3 million born in November will receive a package on Friday (11) e 3.3 million beneficiaries born in December received on Saturday (12).

Later this week, Caixa initiates the payment of the ninth and final installment of R $ 300 emergency aid (R $ 600 for mothers who are the head of the family) for those who are part of the Bolsa Família program. On Thursday (10), 1.6 million beneficiaries with the last 1 NIS will receive the new payment.

Payment dates for Bolsa Família were brought forward in December due to the holiday season and the order of deposits is made based on the final number of the NOS (see full Bolsa Família calendar below).

See who is receiving emergency aid this week and who can withdraw it

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