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Five districts of Resende will receive actions from the muzzle against Dengue this weekend


The city council is promoting this Saturday and Sunday 16 and 17, another phase of the "Mutirão Against Dengue". The work to combat Aedes Aegypt, the mosquito that Dengue emits, takes place in the neighborhoods of the city, including Paraíso, Cabral, Morro do Cruzeiro, Alambari and Castelo Branco. The attention is doubled on Saturday, which marks the efforts of D-Day against the disease in the municipality. Already on days 18, 19, 20 and 21, campaigns to raise public awareness are held at strategic points in the city.
According to the Dengue Combat Committee, the front was created to carry out the planning of action to combat the disease, on Saturday the approaches take place from 8 am to 5 pm in Cabral. Already on Sunday it is the turn of the population of the Paraiso district to be warned, from 8 am to 2 pm. In addition to the two neighborhoods, the teams will also pass through during the weekend through: Morro do Cruzeiro, Alambari and Castelo Branco. Still according to the committee, it is estimated that the teams visit around 6,000 homes. To ensure that the visitors achieve the desired income and result, it is crucial that the population opens the doors for the agents.
The action, which already counts with the cooperation of the Municipal Health Secretariat, through the supervision of basic care and the zoonosis control center (CCZ) and the municipal secretariat for public works and services, will receive significant reinforcements. The participation of the Red Cross and the Agulhas Negras military academy in the fight against dengue were confirmed. The mutirão has to count with around 160 professionals, in addition to a fleet of heavy machines. Two backhoes and eight trucks will be used to collect the materials collected from yards and streets. In addition to the machines offered by the town hall, AMAN will contribute to the availability of two other trucks.
Alexandre Vieira, the municipal health secretary, reaffirms the importance of the population to open the doors for the mutirão teams, so that the entire municipality benefits from preventing the mosquito that Dengue emits. "The prefecture is promoting very large mobilization, many people are committed and fighting Dengue. The population needs to work together again and let the teams do their work," the secretary said.

Another important activity developed during the mutirão is the placement of plaques in empty lots with the words: "It is forbidden to throw garbage on the ground, with a fine". The municipal secretariat for public works and services is responsible for the execution of the service. The measure is intended to prevent the accumulation of debris and materials that can become water reservoirs.
The D-Day week against Dengue also includes campaigns aimed at raising public awareness and providing information about the risks of offering conditions for breeding mosquitoes. During days 18 and 19, Monday and Tuesday, the Committee teams will be on the promenade of Campos Elíseos, with a large stream of people. Already on days 20 and 21, Wednesday and Thursday, the teams will stay in supermarkets.

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