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Hamilton leads the Mercedes field and ends Friday with the best time in Australia. Verstappen is 3rd | Grand Prix

only 0s267 separated the top five in the first free practice of the Australian GP, ​​with less than 0s1 between Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. But the afternoon of Friday (15) in Melbourne showed a much more dynamic than in the last part of last season, with the silver team that gave the cards with the five-time champion of the world. Hamilton concluded the day that marked the start of work on the Albert Park circuit with the best time, 1min22s600, while Valtteri Bottas completed the Mercedes double and finished 0s048 ago.

Max Verstappen finished the afternoon in third place and left a great impression of the new RB15 that was pushed by the Honda engine. The surprise of the session was the presence of Pierre Gasly, who finished in fourth place. The Frenchman, who officially opened for Red Bull this weekend, was only eighth in the first free practice, but managed to close the afternoon for Ferrari, with his best time of 8,842 slower than Hamilton.

Sebastian Vettel was fifth, but with Ferrari this time far from Mercedes: exactly 0s873 ago. Mark again for Kimi Räikkönen, again sixth place with Alfa Romeo, less than 1s of the mark by Hamilton. The & # 39; Ice Man & # 39; was the best of the rest and finished for Renault & Nico Hülkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo, seventh and eighth respectively. Charles Leclerc, with the other Ferrari, was ninth before he ran at the end of the training and Romain Grosjean placed Haas in the top 10 of the session.

Lewis Hamilton set the tone with a Mercedes who stayed in Melbourne this afternoon (Photo: Mercedes)

The last two positions of the session were again dominated by Williams. George Russell was in 19th place, but with a difference of 3,853 for Hamilton's best time. The difference for the next placed Lando Norris was 1s7. This time Robert Kubica was in the race, with 4s055 of deficit for Hamilton.

With the result of the track activities on Friday, F1 returns on Saturday with the third free practice and the qualifying session that will determine the first start schedule of the season. the GREAT PRICE supervises LIVE and in REAL TIME the Australian Grand Prix. Follow everything here.

Discover what it was the second free practice session of the Australian F1 GP

While Kimi Raikkonen was the first rider to leave the pits during the morning session, Romain Grosjean was ready to open track work in the afternoon training session in Melbourne. Who also worked a lot, but in the garages, was the team of mechanics of Toro Rosso, still because of the rhythm suffered by Alexander Albon in TL1. The agreement was to free the Thai for the last training session on Friday.

The Franco-Swiss left the boxes with medium-sized bands for their new black and gold hare. Grosjean scored 1min25s634 in his first stop on the Australian circuit in the afternoon. In the series, the track was attended by most drivers, with the young Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz taking the line.

Romain Grosjean arrived to train in Melbourne this afternoon (Photo: Haas)

But who took the lead in the first minutes of the session was Pierre Gasly. The new Red Bull driver, who was not good in the morning and came 1s from the time of Max Verstappen, scored 1min25s401 with the middle tires to climb to the top, followed by another surprise at that time, Sergio Perez, with Racing Point. Meanwhile, Räikkönen walked through the grass with his Alfa Romeo.

Even without the strongest cars on the track, Grosjean was back on the verge with 1min24s984, a time that had lasted very little at the front, as Kevin Magnussen overcame Haas & # 39; teammate and scored 1min24s409, also with medium tires. At that time, with a 14-minute session, Mercedes released his two cars on the track.

Carlos Sainz for accelerating the new McLaren car in Australia (Photo: McLaren)

Like Kimi, Sebastian Vettel also went through the grass between turns 1 and 2, but without major consequences. The session was quite busy and had Daniil Kvyat, one of the highlights of the morning, rising to second place, 0.3 of the time of Magnussen. Daniel Ricciardo, who had little reason to smile, saw Renault working to adjust the seat in the cockpit of his car.

The first driver to lead the session was Verstappen, with 1min24s324. Except that the Dutchman had only lasted a few seconds at the top of the table, because Hamilton made a sovereign lap to sprint 1min23s582, 0s742 faster than the Red Bull driver. Bottas was then 0s2 of the five-time champion.

Hamilton managed to be even faster and improve again with 1min23s206, the best time of the day so far – and 0s7 faster than his earned score in the second free practice in 2018. Mercedes continued to give the cards and kept the two with the tires soft. Ferrari, with a different schedule, was in middle positions with Leclerc and also with Vettel. Then Ricciardo finally opened his first fast lap of the afternoon with Renault and climbed to 11th place.

Williams lived a tough day in Melbourne (Photo: Williams)

With a half-hour session, Hamilton had 1min23s148 as the best time and 0s291 versus Bottas. Verstappen in third place was 0-55 behind, while Magnussen surprised with the fourth time but with a difference of 1s261 over the leader of the session.

In the following minutes the teams worked with the soft tires. The two Ferrari and Gasly were the first to leave the pits with the fastest parts of the weekend and of course the times fell. The Frenchman rose to third place, only 0 294 behind Hamilton and 0.0000 difference for Bottas. Vettel was in fourth place, followed by Räikkönen, so the good work with Alfa Romeo remained good.

At Mercedes, Bottas was the first to open the round with the red tires. The Finn had no problems firing 1min22s648. In the series, it was Hamilton's turn to accelerate with the soft and surpass the goal of the teammate. And the British did the same with 1min22s600, only 0s048 faster than Valtteri. A few seconds earlier, Renault improved with its two drivers, with Nico Hülkenberg to sixth, followed by Ricciardo. Verstappen was eighth, but he was the only one of the top ten who had his best time with the average tires.

Williams was far behind the opponents. But unlike the first session, George Russell conquered Robert Kubica in the afternoon. But the best time of the younger was 1s7 slower than that of McLaren for the third time, Lando Norris. Of the three rookies, the best placed was Alexander Albon from Toro Rosso.

In the final minutes, the teams made use of the track conditions to perform the race simulations, alternating with the use of soft and medium tires, which predominate during the weekend. Only Verstappen pushed the pace further and eventually got a good track record with the soft tires, although it did not interfere with Mercedes' lead. The Dutchman registered 1min23s400, 0s800 behind Hamilton.

For example, Mercedes consolidated its dominance in the afternoon's training, much better than the rivals Ferrari – who saw Leclerc running at the end of the training – and Red Bull.

F1 2019, Australian GP, ​​Albert Park, free practice 2:

1 L HAMILTON Mercedes 1: 22,600 32
2 V BAG Mercedes 1: 22,648 0048 33
3 M STEPS Red Bull Honda 1: 23,400 0800 33
4 P GASLY Red Bull Honda 1: 23,442 0842 31
5 S FATTEL Ferrari 1: 23,473 0873 35
6 K RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1: 23,572 0972 39
7 N HÜKENENBERG Renault 1: 23,574 0974 37
8 D RICCIARDO Renault 1: 23,644 1044 31
9 C LECLERC Ferrari 1: 23,754 1154 35
10 R GROUND Hare Ferrari 1: 23,814 1214 37
11 D KVYAT Toro Rosso Honda 1: 23,933 1333 36
12 K MAGNUSSEN Hare Ferrari 1: 23,988 1388 27
13 L STROLL Racing Point Mercedes 1: 24,011 1411 38
14 C SAINZ JR McLaren Renault 1: 24,133 1533 25
15 the Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1: 24,293 1693 37
16 S PÉREZ Racing Point Mercedes 1: 24,401 1801 33
17 AN ALBON Toro Rosso Honda 1: 24,675 2075 39
18 L NORRIS McLaren Renault 1: 24,733 2133 26
19 G RUSSELL Williams Mercedes 1: 26,453 3853 32
20 R KUBICA Williams Mercedes 1: 26,655 4055 33
107% again 1: 28,382 5782
REC L HAMILTON Mercedes 1: 21164 2018/03/24
MV M SCHUMACHER Ferrari 1: 24,125 03/07/2004

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