iPhone 12 Pro Max: The Best Phone of 2020 Has Not Evolved Design-wise | Rating / review

And here we have the most powerful and advanced phone Apple has ever released. Max is even bigger due to the larger screen. But is it better than before? The iPhone 11 Pro Max stayed at the top of our speed rankings for a year and couldn’t be surpassed by any Android. Only at the end of 2020 did he have to hand over the crown to his successor.

The new top model from Apple delivers an excellent multimedia experience, both in image and sound. It’s capable of running any app or game with maximum fluidity, but it lacked a 120 Hz display to take advantage of it. Apple thought it was best to invest in 5G as it viewed it as a more pressing technology.

The 11 Pro Max was the best iPhone in terms of battery life we ​​have tested, but unfortunately the new one cannot overcome it and even delivers a lower autonomy due to the reduction in battery life. Charging time has dropped, but you have to buy the charger from the outside, as the accessory is no longer in the box – the same goes for the headset.

What’s the difference between Max and the others on the camera? Only the main sensor which is larger and allows better light input. This helps to take clearer and less noisy pictures at night. The LiDAR sensor is also present in the Pro variant, but is a differentiator to the traditional iPhone 12. Overall, it takes great photos and outperforms Samsung’s rivals in various settings.

The big question is, is it worth it to pay $ 10,000 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max? If you want the fastest phone with a good battery and great cameras, that’s the price to pay for it. If you thought it was expensive now, there are interesting alternatives, as you can check out our full review at the link below.

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