Meia leaves Santos and signs for free at Atletico Nacional de Autuori

Giovane Mario, who has not renewed his contract with the Santos U-20 team, is expected to strengthen Atletico Nacional (COL), led by Paulo Autuori.

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The player is in Medellín for medical examinations before signing the contract. The athlete traveled accompanied by the businessman Luiz Taveira.

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Lefthanded midfielder, Giovane was captain of the under-20 in the basic categories, but never had a chance in the professional cast.

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"Thanks, Santos FC, our life consists of choices and today I took one that hurt a lot, but it was necessary 7 years and 9 months was the time I was in this club and today I say hello with my head high because I know that I did my best while I had chances, thanks to all the friends I made at this place, I will miss it, "Giovane said on October 31st.

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Image credit: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

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