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Minas records another 22,000 cases of dengue in one week; 12 people died this year in the state – Health

In just one week, 22,000 new cases of dengue were registered in Minas Gerais, confirming the epidemic status of 2019. Twelve people have died in the state to date. The figures are included in the epidemiological bulletin of case monitoring, released on Monday afternoon (15), by the State Department of Health (SES).

To date, 121,699 miners have been diagnosed with dengue. Although they are above the average of the non-epidemic years, the 2019 figures are still lower than those in other countries where an epidemic prevailed. In 2010, 2013 and 2016 there was a greater explosion in numbers.

Last week, as the Today in day, the government of Minas Gerais indicated that it will issue an emergency because of the high disease rate in the state. Details about the decree, which had not yet been signed by Governor Romeu Zema (New), were not disclosed.


The figures confirm that Belo Horizonte and Tabuleiro, in Zona da Mata, lead the diagnostic rankings. The capital, with 11454 cases, has the highest number of infected people in Minas. The inner municipality has the highest relative percentage, with 115 registered cases up to the second, representing 3% of the population of 3,792 people.

In addition to dengue fever, SES published a report on the number of zyka viruses and chikungunya fever, two other diseases Aedes aegypti, mosquito vector of the three viruses.

So far, Minas has registered 1,228 cases of fever, including 34 in Santana do Deserto, in Zona da Mata. The city is the only one with a very high incidence of the disease.

Al zyka had hit 465 miners this year and there is no high or medium incidence in an area.

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