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Mirtes imitates minister Damares, grabs and rewards revenge · TV news

Myrtles (Elizabeth Savala) will claim that Machado (Milhem Cortaz) knows she is the Tarja Preta. The Blessed will receive anonymous messages that threaten to expose her through the gossip she makes in The Seventh Guardian. Furious, the religious will invade the House of Representative and imitate the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves, to state that it is wrong for a man to wear panties.

"God's law is very clear: men wear blue and women wear pink," recalls Elizabeth Savala & # 39; s character in the novel at nine of the Globe shouts. "I was called by God to fight against sin.

Myrtles will practically repeat the controversial statement of Damares, on the day of the presentation of his office in the government, on January 2 this year. "It's a new era in Brazil: boy wears blue and girl wears pink."

Rita de Cássia (Flávia Alessandra) will not devour the nonsense of the blessed novel. She will push you out of your house and you will tie up with the lady who ends the series that promises to take revenge by opening the secret of the delegate.

According to the script given to the cast, the series goes to the next day 26. "I'll be quick and direct. Where are the panties?", The nun asks. "Since when have I been interested in your panties?", She will hit the representative's wife.

"It's not yours, it's your husband, where are they?" Aranha & # 39; s mother (Paulo Rocha) will be on it. "Sorry, but what does Joubert have to do with the pants … I mean, the panties? What are you talking about?" Rita asks, tense.

"From your husband's perversion, from his mania to wear undergarments!" This & # 39; n sick person doesn't have the moral to be authoritative, or do you think that's normal?

Rita de Cássia (Flávia Alessandra) will be docked with Mirtes (Elizabeth Savala) in the novel

"If you have someone who is sick here, who has given you the right to control the lives of others?" Asked the guardian & # 39; s wife. The religious will then confirm that it is not a right, but a mission that it has.

At this point she will say that "men wear blue and women wear pink". Rita will go crazy with her, declare that she has heard too many problems and will stop her from continuing her sermon. & # 39; If I say another word, I lose my head & # 39 ;, the housewife shouts.

Myrtle will mock her and ask her what she would do if she lost her mind. "I think I'm going to give you a moral lesson and I'll leave it for you, because you are very wrong, you terrible witch … Get out of my house now," says Flavia Alessandra, already pushing the intruder .

"Watch out, the Lord is with me and will make my hand heavy," Mirtes warns. "I'll cover you," Machado's wife replies. The text written by the author Aguinaldo Silva indicates that the two are chained.

The assistant sheriff will take the women away. Rita de Cassia will tell you that the Blessed Woman invaded their home to confront her.

"And I just came to give a message to your husband, don't look innocent, I know it was you!" "You know, you pervert!" "Sinful double" In this city there is no place for you. with the tail between my legs … I will drive them both away, as the Lord did with Adam and Eve, "the nun will speak.

Myrtles will leave and say that the change will come faster than they think. The aspiring actress will explain everything to her husband, who will be terrified. "It will be my accident," says the nine-time police chief.

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