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New version of consumer application makes consultation on CPF possible

From today (15) Brazilian consumers can now check the status of the CPF via the SPC Consumer smartphone application. The free consultation inquires whether the registration is in the database of the default values ​​of the credit protection service (SPC). The new version of the application reports detailed debit information in addition to the delay. The download is available for all operating systems.

Marcello Casal Jr./Agência Brazil

Awaiting the value, the due date of the account and the contact details of the creditor company is what's new with this new version of the application. The SPC emphasizes that with this data the consumer can make the payment or propose a direct renegotiation with the company. There are no limits to the consultation of the CPF number itself.

According to the SPC, information security is guaranteed by entering a previous registration in the application from which the consumer receives an activation code via the mobile phone.

For consideration: SPC's innovation supervisor, Magno Lima, said the measure could reach millions of Brazilians, as there are more than 240 million handsets for smartphones in the country and statistics (IBGE) according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography.

During this year, new functions must be included in the consumer SPC, such as the negotiation service for the application for debts.

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